Xiaomi SAmoled Display phones to get Dual Clock and Always on feature

Xiaomi dual clock feature

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirmed that two new features are on their way to the brand’s Super AMOLED branded phones. These are the Always On Display and Double Clock.

Always On Screen
Always On Display originally appeared on Samsung’s Super AMOLED screens. The feature keeps a portion of the screen on to display time, date, and weather information to the user.

You can also configure notifications, alarms and screensavers. This function is expected to be integrated with Xiaomi’s MIUI system for maximum compatibility.

On Super AMOLED screens, the black pixels will turn off completely. Therefore, the user has access to the information at a glance without compromising the battery life of the mobile phone.

Double Clock
This function allows you to set up two clocks with two different time zones. It is a very useful feature for users who travel or need to have the time information of two countries.

Which Xiaomi mobile phones will receive this feature?
-Xiaomi Mi 8
-Xiaomi Mi 9
-Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Lei Jun’s CEO added that Xiaomi is determined to give these functions to older users. The Xiaomi Mi Note 2, released in 2016, will also receive this feature, although it will take longer.

Xiaomi has not given dates for sending the features but should arrive in the coming months. The fastest way is through an update of MIUI so if you have any of these phones, stay tuned.

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