Samsung set to launch the Galaxy Note 10 series on August 7

Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro

According to Cnet website, the launch of the upcoming Galaxy Note flagships will be on August 7 which will be hosted at an Unpacked Event at the Barclays Center in New York.

This is the same venue where last year Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 9. Samsung has yet to comment on this information. Given that there are still close to two months to the date, the planned launch event could differ.

The Note Line

This is a line that although usually linked to a affluent niche, has always had great acceptance in terms of quality recognition. The first Galaxy Note was released in 2011, and it can be said that it was built on the principle of large screens and stylus pen.

The Note line went through a series of problems in 2016, when the Galaxy Note 7 turned out to be explosive. due to problems with its battery, several units exploded. This led to the device being withdrawn from the market and banned from entering airports and airlines.

Samsung took time to again rebuilt itself with the following two models (Note 8 and Note 9), and rumors point that in 2019 it will breathe new life to this Note line. As we have previously reported, this will be the year in which Samsung will launch a Pro variant for the first time. Size will be the big differential between the two.


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