Apple Card isn’t 100% Titanium and is prone to damage

Apple Credit card

Like all Apple products, it’s credit card has captured the attention of the tech world, although not in the most positive way. Ironically, one of the most talked about subjects is the construction of the card and its manufacturing materials.

Well, Bloomberg sent an Apple Card for review at the University of California. After testing by Professor Hans-Rudolf Wenk, it was found that the card contains 90% titanium and 10% aluminum , putting an end to doubts once and for all.

If you visit the official Apple Card support page , you’ll read a few paragraphs that will make you question the entire premium product culture. First, Apple warns that if the card comes into contact with hard surfaces, the aluminum layer may be damaged.

The card is prone to damages from scratches hence should be placed in  your leather or metal wallet. You should never put it in your pocket especially if you’re wearing denim pants, says Apple. The materials on the clothing may discolor the card and you will not want to lose your name on the card.

Apple then gives you a guide on how to clean your wonderful credit card. You should use a microfiber cloth and “rub gently“. Alternatively you can dampen your cloth with isopropyl alcohol and wipe the Apple Card clean.

The Cupertino company also further warns – You should not use home cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays or solvents to clean your titanium Apple Card.

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