Apple employees working remotely to deliver Apple 12 in time

iPhone 12

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Apple was forced to change the approach in manufacturing some of it’s new products, among which was the new flagship smartphone iPhone 12.

Sources say that Apple does not want to postpone the presentation and release of iPhone 12 at a later date, so Apple’s engineering team in the US uses video calls and “other methods” to help Chinese colleagues assemble prototypes of the iPhone 12. Previously, nothing of the kind was practiced at the company.

At the moment, Apple employees cannot fly to China, so they have to solve multitude of these and other tasks remotely via the Internet. In this regard, a large number of photos are sent from the USA to China over the Web back and forth, all related with the upcoming model iPhone 12, which is very worry-some for Apple.

Such data exchange can lead to a premature leak of information about the design and specification of the iPhone 12 lineup long before the actual product announcement. Recall that, Apple has a strict code of secrecy that it expects all employees to live by. Anyone who breaks it is fired.


Travel restrictions imposed due to coronavirus pandemic and limitations of working remotely has also impacted Apple’s work in the United States, as many engineers do not have access to the 3D printers and milling machines needed for prototyping.

Sources claim that trial production of the new iPhone 12 is expected by June this year. Foxconn admitted to investors that the company suffered from quarantine and continued restrictions on international travel, but still believes that the company can easily compensate for the time lost.

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