Boston Dynamics’ lifelike Spot robot is now on sale for $74,500



Boston Dynamics, the global leader in mobile robotics, today debuted sales for Spot, the agile robot that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with ease. This launch marks the first time that businesses can purchase a Boston Dynamics robot, and represents Boston Dynamics’ first online sales offering.

Spot is designed to go where other robots can’t go and to perform a broad number of tasks. The robot can be reconfigured for various use cases to increase efficiency and greatly reduce safety risks in the workplace.

Spot was previously only available for short-term lease under Boston Dynamics’ Early Adopter Program. Under that program, over 150 Spot robots were successfully used by domestic and international businesses and research facilities. Early Adopters used Spot robots to document construction progress, monitor remote or hazardous environments, and provide situational awareness. Spot robots were used in a variety of environments, including power generation facilities, decommissioned nuclear sites, factory floors, construction sites, and research laboratories. Spot was also used to explore projects for creative industries, such as dancing on stage and performing in theme parks.

Spot’s modular platform is intended to be easily-configurable, with a number of accessories and add-ons available to customize its use. Participants in the Early Adopter Program tailored these capabilities to apply automation to dynamic environments and increase efficiency. Program results included:

Each of these early adopters customized how they deployed Spot by leveraging the robot’s mounting rails, payload ports and software development kit to expand the capabilities of the base robot platform. Many had never worked with a mobile robot prior to working with Spot, but were able to use common web app programming to enable their applications.

“At Boston Dynamics, we have spent decades creating and refining robots with advanced mobility, dexterity and intelligence because we believe agile robots can solve a broad range of real world problems,” said Marc Raibert, chairman and founder of Boston Dynamics. “The combination of Spot’s sophisticated software and high performance mechanical design enables the robot to augment difficult or dangerous human work. Now you can use Spot to increase human safety in environments and tasks where traditional automation hasn’t been successful.”

Spot is intended for commercial and industrial use and is currently only available for purchase in the United States. Boston Dynamics will continue to lease Spot robots to customers in select international markets through its Early Adopter Program. All orders will be subject to Boston Dynamics’ Terms and Conditions of Sale which require the beneficial use of its robots. For more information on Spot and to place an order, visit:

Spot is currently available in three variants – Explorer, Enterprise and Academic.

The Explorer variant is currently available for purchase for business only in the United States. The cost of Spot Robot is set at $74,500. Additionally, to customize the Spot Robot various addons are available with prices ranging from $1275 to $34,550.

What’s Included :

  • Spot robot
  • x2 Spot batteries
  • Spot charger
  • Tablet controller and charger
  • Robot case for storage and transportation
  • Power case for battery and charger storage and transportation
  • Python client packages for the Spot API’s
  • Software updates when available
  • Standard warranty
  • Free shipping (limited time only)
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