Eduroam Service Launched at Tribhuvan International Airport

Eduroam Nepal

Tribhuvan International Airport has officially launched the Eduroam service, a global initiative that provides secure internet access to students, universities, and research institutions. This service enables users to connect to their educational institution’s network using their credentials, facilitating seamless connectivity while traveling or relocating.

Service Availability

The Eduroam service was initially introduced at the international terminal a week ago and has now been extended to the domestic terminal as of Wednesday. This expansion ensures that both international and domestic travelers can benefit from this innovative service.

Global Reach

Eduroam is a widely adopted service, currently available in over 110 countries worldwide. Millions of Eduroam hotspots are operational globally, providing connectivity to educational institutions and their members.

The service is rapidly expanding its footprint by establishing hotspots in various public spaces, including libraries, museums, railway stations, airports, and coffee shops. This strategic deployment aims to ensure widespread accessibility for users, enabling them to stay connected to their educational networks wherever they go.

Seamless Connectivity

Within Tribhuvan International Airport and the domestic terminal, users can access the Eduroam service simultaneously from more than 60 access points. This extensive coverage ensures a seamless and uninterrupted connection experience for travelers.

Secure Access

Eduroam operates through worldwide roaming access and provides secure connections via RADIUS servers. This robust infrastructure ensures that users can access their educational networks with confidence, benefiting from robust security measures and reliable connectivity.

The introduction of the Eduroam service at Tribhuvan International Airport marks a significant milestone in enhancing connectivity for students, researchers, and academic institutions. With its global reach, secure access, and widespread availability, Eduroam empowers users to stay connected to their educational networks, fostering collaboration, learning, and research opportunities while on the move.

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