Garmin Edge 1050 Leaks Hint at Imminent Arrival of New Cycling Computer

Anticipation is building in the cycling community as leaked details and images of a potential successor to the Garmin Edge 1040 computer have surfaced online. While Garmin remains tight-lipped, these leaks offer a tantalizing glimpse into what the Edge 1050 might hold.

A Larger Display and Connectivity Enhancements:

Cyclists Hub and eagle-eyed Reddit users unearthed a since-removed listing for the Edge 1050 on Garmin’s Taiwan website, revealing screenshots suggesting a significant design change. The most striking update is a larger display, potentially boasting a higher resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. However, this increased resolution may come at the expense of battery life, with leaks suggesting a 20-hour runtime in regular use compared to the Edge 1040’s 35 hours. Power-saving mode is estimated to offer up to 60 hours on the Edge 1050, down from 70 hours on its predecessor.

Another exciting addition hinted at in the leaks is Garmin Pay functionality, mirroring a feature recently introduced in Garmin smartwatches. This would allow cyclists to make contactless payments on the go, enhancing convenience during rides.

Images and Imminent Announcement:

Leaked images, purportedly from reviewers who received early units, further fuel speculation of an imminent official announcement from Garmin. While the exact release date remains unknown, these developments suggest the wait might not be long.

Official Confirmation Needed:

It’s crucial to remember that Garmin has yet to confirm any details surrounding the Edge 1050. Cyclists considering an upgrade are advised to wait for the official announcement to gain a complete picture of the device’s capabilities, including confirmed pricing, battery life figures, and the full suite of features.

Analyst Take:

The leaked information regarding the Garmin Edge 1050 paints an exciting picture for cycling enthusiasts. The prospect of a larger display, improved connectivity features like Garmin Pay, and a potential design refresh makes the Edge 1050 a compelling upgrade. However, the potential decrease in battery life compared to the Edge 1040 is a point to consider. We eagerly await Garmin’s official announcement to confirm these leaks and provide a comprehensive picture of the Edge 1050’s capabilities.

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