Coca Cola launches Kinley water in Nepal

Coca Cola Nepal launched its water brand, Kinley in the domestic market on Tuesday. The water was unveiled by Ambuj Singh, country director of Coca Cola Nepal, Puneet Varshney, managing director of Bottlers Nepal and actor, Rajesh Hamal, who is also the brand ambassador of Kinley.

Kinley water is priced at Rs 25 per litre for the domestic market. The new product from Coca Cola will offer customers pure drinking water, reads the press release. The company is following international standards to produce Kinley.

This means that the water used in Kinley is of high quality due to stringent processing. The clean drinking water comes from Coca Cola company itself.

“The Kinley brand is very popular in many European and Asian countries. We believe that this product will do well in the Nepali market as well,” said Singh, “We were pleased when we brought Coke Zero to market last year and this year, the launch of Kinley water will satisfy our customers’ needs.” He revealed that the production of Kinley water has already started in Nepal and that no compromises will be made to ensure the highest level of purity.

The water will be processed through 8 steps of purification process. Kinley water is produced based on ‘state-of-the-art technology’, reads the press release.

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