LG Fridge Price in Nepal 2023 – Refrigerator Prices in Nepal

LG Fridge Price in Nepal

LG Refrigerator Price in Nepal

When it comes to refrigerators, LG is a top contender. In addition to having sleek and stylish designs, LG refrigerators come with the latest features and an impressive amount of storage space. The interior lighting offers clear visibility of the items stored so that nothing is ever forgotten or left behind, while modern door styles and handles allow for an effortless and stylish look for the kitchen. The innovative cooling technologies of LG refrigerators help keep food fresher for longer and help to eliminate food waste.

LG is at the forefront of technological advances and has revolutionized the refrigerator industry with its selection of inverter linear compressors. These compressors are incredibly efficient and last much longer than traditional compressors. They reduce noise and vibration levels, so operation is incredibly quiet and efficient. With the higher energy savings, having an LG refrigerator reaps significant economic benefits over the years.

LG refrigerators also come with a myriad of space-saving solutions. From spill-proof glass shelves to slimmer door baskets, LG has thought of everything. Moisture balances in crispers and DuraBase boost to add extra shelf space, plus many other features for optimal use of every inch of interior space.

To top it off, LG refrigerators also come with a host of extra features to make life easier. The Slim SpacePlus ice system, convertible freezer drawers and Smart Cooling System are all great solutions for modern living. Door-in-Door technology allows for fast, easy access to stored items without losing cold air, offering the ultimate in convenience.

In conclusion, LG refrigerators are both stylish and efficient. With advanced features, economical benefits and plenty of storage solutions, all needs and wants are taken care of. Never worry about food waste, lack of space or outdated designs with LG’s impressive selection of refrigerators; they offer the perfect balance of modernity, convenience and cutting-edge technologies.

There are a variety of LG Refrigerators available in Nepali market. You can find fridges in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and features. You can find LG refrigerators at authorized dealers and LG Showrooms in your area.

Below you’ll find a list of LG Refrigerators currently available in the domestic market with their respective features and prices.

LG Refrigerators Price in Nepal

LG refrigerator models available in Nepal, ranging from 190L single door units to large 617L side-by-side models. Prices start from NPR 30,290 for the basic 190L models and go up to NPR 347,790 for the premium 617L side-by-side refrigerator.

Model Capacity Price (NPR)
GLB201ALLB.APZQ 190 Ltr. Single Door 30,290
GLB204BSER.ASEQ 190 Liter Single Door 30,290
GLB204BBER.ABEQ 190 Ltr. Single Door 30,290
GLB205ARGB.ARGQ 190 Ltr. 31,190
GLD201ALLB.APZQ 190 Ltrs 32,190
GLD205ABCB.ABCQ 190 Ltr. Single Door 34,690
GLD205ASCB.ASCQ 190 Ltr 34,690
GLK292SLTL.APZQ 258 Liter Double Door 47,590
GLB292RVBN.APZQ 260 Ltrs 61,290
GLM312RLML.APZQ 285 Liter Double Door 64,090
GLB322RVBN.ASCQ 310 Ltrs. 67,590
GLM332RPZI.APZQ 308 Ltr. Double Door 68,290
GLM413RLCI.DPZQ 360 Liter Double Door 89,690
GLM433PZI 437 Ltr 95,190
GLB433PZI 437 Ltr 97,490
GLM503PZI.DPZQ 471 Ltr Double Door 98,890
GLB503PZI.DPZQ 471 Ltr. Double Door 105,390
GSB6473MC 649 Liter Side By Side 207,990
GFB4532MC 594 Liter Side By Side 264,490
GSQ6472NS 647 Liter Side By Side 330,890
GSX6172NS 617 Liter Side By Side 347,790
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