E-Transportation Nepal provides transportation management and vehicle breakdown services

Nepal E-Transportation Service

The e-transportation service launched to make Nepal’s transport business smart has completed one year of service.

E-Transportation has been providing transportation management and vehicle breakdown services. Santosh Mandal, who has been engaged in the IT business in the UK, started the e-transportation service about a year ago to manage transportation across Nepal through mobile applications and provide immediate repair service to broken vehicles on major highways of Nepal.

In the first year, 4,536 trucks and 103 private factories were involved in e-transportation. Similarly, 173 garages on main roads have been included which have been providing repair facilities to the vehicles in need.

Mandal says, “As e-transportation service is a digital platform, it makes transportation more accessible and well managed for the owner/driver.” Under the Vehicle Breakdown Service, if any vehicle breaks down on the main highways, a mechanic will be sent to repair it.

Vehicle owners/drivers can register their vehicle and avail the service by typing NepalEts on their mobile and download the e-transportation application.

The consumer has to pay a fixed annual subscription fee to get the service. Mandal claims that e-transportation has succeeded in providing low-cost service to those who have problems on the highway.

While the registered customers can avail the repairing service through the mobile application, the consumers can also get the service by calling on the number +(977) 9857077788.

According to Mandal, the business was born after his long struggle and desire to conduct development activities in Nepal while he resided with his work in the UK.

Mandal informed that various business committees/associations have coordinated and helped in the campaign to make the transportation business smart.

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