Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid Pack – Detailed Features

Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid Pack

Mobile users in Nepal can now benefit from using ‘Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid Pack‘ from Nepal Telecom.

For the duration of the package, you can make unlimited voice calls within Nepal Telecom’s network without incurring any additional fees.

Free data can be used at a speed of 64kbps after the data limit in the pack has been exhausted. Add-on packs can be purchased and used by customers at any time during the pack period if they desire extra services.

Packs of Rs. 599, 799, 999, and 1499 are offered on postpaid under the “Sajilo Unlimited Pack.”

Unlimited Onnet (Voice over the Nepal Telecom network) voice service will be offered on the Easy Unlimited Postpaid 599 package for a period of 30 days.

Unlimited uninterrupted phone service, 30 GB of data for 30 days used at the rate of 1 GB per day, 200 unnet messages, 50 minutes of net voice (may also be called on other networks), and 50 off net messages are included in the Easy Unlimited Postpaid 799 deal.

Unlimited Voice and Onnet Messaging, 60GB of Data, 100 Net Minutes of Voice, and 100 Off Net Messages are all included in the Easy Unlimited Postpaid 999 package, which may be utilized for 30 days at the rate of 2GB per day.

Easy Unlimited Postpaid 1499 offers unlimited voice, 1000 onnet messaging, 120 GB of data that may be utilized for 30 days at the rate of 4 GB per day, 200 minutes of net talk and 200 off net messages for just Rs 1499 per month.

The rental fee for GSM postpaid after subscribing all of the above-mentioned packs is Rs.384 to get the package. In order to get these packs, you can either dial the *1415# or use the Nepal Telecom app.

Add-On Packs

Additional data packs can be purchased at lower rates to use the remaining data in the original package for the rest of the day. You can purchase 30 GB of data service for 30 days in 299 as an add-on pack under this plan.

If your daily data allowance of 1 GB is depleted, you can switch to the free, limitless 64 kbps data plan. The consumer can purchase an add-on pack of 1 GB for 30 rupees, 2 GB for 40 rupees, or 3 GB for 50 rupees if they want to use the data service at a speed higher than 64 kbps.

Additionally, for Rs. 599, users of the Autumn plan can purchase up to 3 months’ worth of 1 GB-per-day data access, which can be used for up to 30 days. Customers can get low-cost call services for a total of Rs. 100 after purchasing this offer. For Rs 299, you can get a 30-day unlimited use add-on bundle.

If your daily data allowance of 1 GB is exhausted, you can continue using this package’s 64 Kbps Unlimited Data at no additional cost for the remainder of your subscription. You can purchase a 24-hour add-on pack of 1 GB for Rs 30, 2 GB for Rs 40, or 3 GB for Rs 50 if you’d like a faster connection.

Prepaid 599 Pack with Unlimited Services That’s Simple to Use

For Rs. 599, you may get 28 GB of data usage for 28 days at a rate of 1 GB per day with the Easy Unlimited Prepaid 599 pack. If customers want unlimited voice service, they can purchase an add-on pack for Rs 299 and utilize it for 28 days. You can use this service by dialing 1415 and following the on-screen instructions after selecting the package.

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