Technology producing fuel from plastic waste to be introduced

The government is all set to introduce the technology of producing fuel from plastic waste in the country.

The Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) has installed the system producing fuel from plastic.

Chief at the Faculty of Technology at the NAST, Dr Suresh Kumar Dhungel, and Eco Party Chairman Chiseko Matsumoto today signed the bilateral agreement in this regard. Although this technology is new to Nepal, it is already in practice in the developed countries in the world.

The technology has already been installed at NAST to produce fuel from plastic with the technical and appliance support of Eco Party, Japan.

Around one liter of raw fuel was produced from one kilo of plastic using the technology during a trial run today. Senior Technical Officer at NAST, Dr Rabindra Prasad Dhakal, said that they are very happy to bring the technology producing fuel from plastic into the country.

The NAST has set a target to bring the large capacity technology producing fuel from plastic into the country within one month.

Chief Dhungel said, “All required process has been forwarded. We will install the technology within a month.” Normally, 700 milliliters of petrol is produced from one kg plastic.

Stating that a lab would be set up at NAST premises within next 45 days, Dhakal said that South Africa, America, Canada and other countries produced fuel from plastic waste in a commercial scale.


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