BYD E6 electric car Price in Nepal – Specs and Features

BYD E6 electric car Price in Nepal

BYD Pvt Ltd offers a unique proposition with its model BYD e6. This model was ranked as the best-selling pure electric car in China in 2016 and also won the golden medal for ‘Best Quality Product’ in Havana International Fair 2015.

BYD Pvt Ltd is a Chinese automobile manufacturer based in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of BYD Company. BYD e6 was brought to Nepal by Cimex Inc Pvt Ltd.

The normal range of BYD e6 on a single charge is about 300-km and it operates two shifts for almost 24 hours with one supplemental charge.

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The vehicle is equipped with 75kW motor and a BYD-developed FE battery, powering the e6 to a range of 186 miles on a single charge in urban conditions. Charging the vehicle is convenient and fast as it only takes 40 minutes to fully charge using 100kW fast charging cabinet; it takes six hours with a standard 10kW.

It’s an environment-friendly and energy-saving no emission vehicle. It features the electric vehicle’s drive system of DM II that improves the power and speed of the motor dramatically. It boasts Maximum Power Output of 223KW and Maximum Torque of 440Nm.

“Use of electric vehicles in Nepal is a necessity since electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions which will help you achieve cleaner air. Cleaner air means less stress on public health. If we can’t stop global warming, we can certainly slow down the onset, and EVs are nothing if not a good start,” says Sahil Shrestha, Marketing Head at Climax Inc.

“We have built five charging stations in Singha Durbar, Durbar Marg, Trade Towers, Naxal and Sitapaila. We are also looking forward to build more charging station out of the Valley in places like Mugling, Pokhara and Chitwan,” adds Shrestha. He adds, “We are also soon launching the BYD e BUS in the market.”

The cost of BYD 300-km is Rs 50,00,000. The cost of BYD 400-km is Rs 63,00,000.

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