Oppo F7 Youth launched in Nepal


Oppo has launched their latest smartphone, the F7 Youth in Nepal.

Customers will be able to buy the F7 Youth in three stunning colour options: Sunrise Red, Moonlight Silver and Diamond Black.

The smartphone features Oppo’s highly rated AI Beauty 2.0 technology as well as a super screen. The new AI Beauty 2.0 technology acts as a personal beauty customisation artist that captures 296 facial points and divides the face into zones to perform finer beauty enhancements. This helps to keep the details that highlight the user’s distinctive features for a more realistic and natural effect. All of this happens in the background to capture the ‘real you’ in photos.

According to the company, AI 2.0 can analyse the age, gender, skin tone and skin type of the selfie subject to provide different beauty schemes according to the characteristics of different groups. For example, when a young man takes a selfie, Oppo AI 2.0 will intelligently retain more of his facial features and enrich details like beard and eyebrows. It will also support beautification for group selfies, perfecting many faces at once by applying the most appropriate beauty scheme to each face, reads a press release.

Oppo has also made it easier for users of the F7 Youth to edit photos and share their photos on social media. It comes with its own AR sticker function and is immediately available for use without the need to download any apps. The AR sticker function supports both the front and rear camera as well as video recording, to offer users the most convenient and fun photography experience.

Another useful feature on the F7 Youth is the ability of the smartphone to learn the user’s post-editing preferences. It will give users an in-depth, personal and customized beauty scheme each and every time. AI Album then performs smart categorization of photos according to locations and subjects. It will also generate photo albums for a more memorable experience.

The company has packed the F7 Youth with a powerful performance configuration that can satisfy the needs of young people. It features the world’s first 12nm AI CPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage and a large 3,410mAh battery. Oppo chose this configuration to address three key pain points that affect young people’s smartphones, system freezing, fast power consumption and insufficient memory.

With powerful internals settled, Oppo decided to go beyond the monotonous design in smartphones such as metallic bodies with dull back panels. With the F7 Youth, Oppo has created a distinctive appearance, replicating the effect of levitating gems in 3D intended for the young. The reflection at the back changes with different angles of light, producing an effect that is as exquisite as a diamond. To achieve this effect, Oppo designers had to overcome several design challenges. They revamped the design to build the phone using ‘art symmetry’, thus avoiding messy details and patterns that cut off the camera and logo.

The back cover of the F7 Youth uses a 12-layer nanometer scale optical coating composite material that is carefully polished and crafted to create a shiny and luxurious metallic luster at the back, states the release.

Even the ‘bright polished frame’ uses a complex 7-layering processing where the unibody is first formed and then drilled. This strengthens the integrity of the wholesome look with exquisite details so that the touch and feel of the phone are significantly improved.

The Oppo F7 Youth comes with a 6-inch Full-HD screen with an ultra-high screen ratio of 84.8 percent to provide not only a better view for videos and games, but also the most immersive experience ever.

CEO of Oppo Nepal Bobby Zhao spoke about the new smartphone, “Since the launch of the Oppo F7, there has been a huge demand from youths in the market for a special phone specifically designated for them. To address this demand from our valued customers, we have launched the Oppo F7 Youth which is equipped with the latest and innovative technology at a very attractive price.”

The feature packed smartphone is crafted for young users to enjoy the beauty of technology and is priced at Rs 31,590.

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