CG Corp Global announces partnership with Lifecell at MWC 2019


BARCELONA, Spain- At the press conference held at the Mobile World Congress 2019, Lifecell shared its achievements after announcing its new approach to the telecom sector last year with a new partnership with CG Corp Global expanding Lifecell’s experience and know-how in digitalization to Nepal.

Lifecell DO vision and 1440 strategy – changed the telecommunication industry by combining its telecom and OTT abilities. The 1440 strategy increases the interaction a telecom operator has with its customers to 1440 minutes in a day and provides the best digital experience to customers with digital services.

About Lifecell-CG Corp Global Partnership
CG Corp Global, a subsidiary of CG Group, and Lifecell have signed an important agreement in Nepal’s capital Katmandu. With this exclusive agreement, Lifecell and CG Corp Global will establish a digital operator in Nepal. This digital operator will offer the communication and life platform BiP, personal cloud storage app Lifebox, music streaming app fizy, TV platform TV+, digital publishing app Okudo and Digital Operator app in Nepal.

Turkcell is the first telecom operator to implement 1440 strategy and transform itself to the world’s first Digital Operator. This move has brought 49% bi-annual cumulative growth in its revenue and 90.2% bi-annual growth in its EBITDA over the past two years (as of the end of Q4 2018) and with these results the company has become the world’s fastest growing operator in last 3 years.

Lifecell’s digital services now have the opportunity to reach 30 million people in Nepal following the new partnership with CG Corp Global.

CG Corp Global commences digital transformation in Nepal with Lifecell’s digital services

At the press conference held in Barcelona, Lifecell Chairman Kaan Terzioglu shared the progress Lifecell made within the past year: “Just a year ago, at this same booth we said that we would be launching the ‘digital export era’ and opened up our digital model to the world. In our meetings, operators all around the world recognized the need for the 1440 strategy. Within a year, CG Corp Global has shown a visionary approach and chosen Lifecell’s digital services. Today 9 operators in 3 different continents, have started to implement the 1440 strategy – already proven to be successful in 6 countries. Digital transformation will commence in Nepal with Lifecell’s digital services and Nepal will be a part of our success story as CG Corp Global joins to Lifecell family.”

During the signing ceremony, CG Corp Global Chairman Dr. Binod Chaudhary stated that “A year ago we started to negotiate with Lifecell about the digital transformation in Nepal. Our aim was to provide a better and digitalized operator service for Nepal citizens. Lifecell was the best partner that we could work because of its broad experience, wise strategy and impressive vision. In this scope, we are planning to launch digital products first. Then, we will establish our telecom operator CG Lifecell. We believe that this cooperation will create a great success story.”

Continuing his words with a global foresight, Terzioglu stated: “As Industry 4.0 approaches, telecom operators have the potential to leverage the transformation of industries like health, entertainment, education and transportation. This is only possible by becoming a ‘digital operator’. Operators have to offer services that customers truly need otherwise they will not move beyond being merely infrastructure providers.”

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