Classic Tech Forays into IPTV Market with Launch of ‘Caro TV’

Carotv Nepal IPTV

Classic Tech, one of Nepal’s leading internet service providers (ISPs), has ventured into the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) market with the launch of its long-awaited service, “Caro TV.”

Classic Tech, a prominent ISP with a nationwide presence and a customer base of around 3 lakh subscribers, is gearing up for its Initial Public Offering (IPO). The company currently offers a diverse range of internet packages, including the 1 Gbps Tachyon plan, catering to varying bandwidth requirements.

This move solidifies Classic Tech’s position as a comprehensive provider of both broadband internet and digital TV services.

Caro TV, a sub-brand of Classic Tech, boasts an extensive lineup of over 200 HD and SD resolution TV channels, catering to diverse interests spanning sports, news, entertainment, infotainment, movies, and more. The IPTV service aims to deliver high-quality video content through its smart set-top-box (STB) solution.

The smart STB offered by Caro TV comes equipped with advanced features such as 4K video support, pause and play functionality, and more.

Recognizing the widespread demand for its services, Classic Tech has made Caro TV available across Nepal at an affordable cost, extending its reach to major cities including Kathmandu, Birtamod, Nepalgunj, Pokhara, Birgunj, and others.

To mark the launch, Classic Tech has introduced an attractive promotional offer. Customers who subscribe to Caro TV for 12 months will receive an additional 12 months of service free of charge, effectively enjoying 24 months of IPTV service.

Furthermore, the package includes a complimentary smart STB and a ZTE 5G dual-band WiFi router, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

The IPTV service is bundled with Classic Tech’s 200 Mbps annual internet package, ensuring seamless connectivity for uninterrupted video streaming.

With the introduction of Caro TV, Classic Tech aims to leverage its expertise in internet services to deliver a compelling IPTV experience, further solidifying its position as a comprehensive digital service provider in Nepal.

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