Gwarko Overpass Construction Reaches 70% Completion After Two-Month Delay

Gwarko Flyover Bridge

The construction of the highly anticipated Gwarko Overpass in Kathmandu has hit a snag, with only 70% of the project completed even after two months past the initial deadline. The delay has left commuters and residents in the area frustrated, as they eagerly await the relief this overpass promises to bring to the notorious traffic congestion in the area.

Nareshman Shakya, Head of Quality Research and Development Center, has assured that the work is now progressing at full speed, with 50 to 60 workers toiling away to ensure the project is completed by July. The beam placement has been finished, and the remaining 30% of the work, including walling, slope construction, and finishing touches, is expected to be wrapped up within the next two months.

According to the construction company, the design had to be altered to accommodate the weak soil at the construction site, requiring the foundation of the pillars to be buried 34 meters underground.

Rakesh Maharjan, Senior Division Engineer (CDE) of the Center, has confirmed that the construction company has requested a 10-month extension, citing the design changes and the need to complete smaller tasks such as installing traffic lights, painting, and making road boxes. The extension request has reached the road department, and a decision is pending.

Overpass Gwarko Lalitpur

The Gwarko Overpass project, which began on December 2, 2022, and is a first-of-its-kind in Nepal. Unlike traditional overpasses, this one does not use pillars. Instead, it relies on a steep slope to achieve the necessary height, with a 35-meter overhead bridge connecting the two slopes.

The total length of the overpass is 540 meters, with a width of 16 meters and four lanes.

The government remains optimistic that once completed, the Gwarko Overpass will alleviate the traffic woes in the area, as vehicles crossing the Gwarko Chowk will be able to pass under the overhead bridge without interruption.

The project, which was awarded a contract of 176 million rupees, will also include five years of maintenance work by the contractor after construction is finished.

As the construction team works tirelessly to meet the revised June deadline, commuters can only hope that the delays are behind them and that the Gwarko Overpass will soon become a reality, providing much-needed relief to the congested streets of Kathmandu.

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