Nepal Telecom declares completition of 4G rollout accross all 77 Districts

Nepal Telecom 4G

Nepal Telecom (NT), a state-owned telecommunication company, has declared that it has successfully expanded its 4G telecom service in all 77 districts of the country.

Speaking during an event organised to mark the 16th anniversary of Nepal Telecom here today, Dilli Ram Adhikari, managing director of NT, announced that the company had successfully tested its 4G telecom service in Simikot, the headquarters of Humla district, on Tuesday.

Humla was the last district that was to be connected to NT’s 4G service.

According to him, with the successful expansion of its 4G service in Humla, NT has become the first and largest telecom service provider of the country.

Till date, NT has installed 3,683 4G service compatible base transceiver station (BTS) towers across Nepal and has also set up 200 towers recently that are only 4G compatible.

Stating that the telecom company is expanding its service as per the demand from the consumers, Adhikari said, “We plan to upgrade 2,200 BTS towers to make them 4G compatible while add new 640 4G BTS towers across the country soon.”

He further said that the company has started to implement the federal system and is in the process of converting its regional offices into provincial headquarters to provide effective service to NT subscribers. “We are gearing up to facilitate the government in realising its vision of ‘Digital Nepal’.”

Meanwhile, addressing the programme, Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota called on the firm to rise up to the challenges that crop up with the changing times while simultaneously enhancing its quality and service.

Minister Baskota also took a swipe at the trade unions and said, “The government will not tolerate anyone trying to permeate politics in state companies that provide essential services. Those interested in politics should join the political parties.”

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