Netflix India slashes plan rates, now starts at INR 125

Netflix 2021 Pricing

Netflix’s intentions for India are altering considerably, with lower costs. Starting today, you may save anywhere from 18 to 60 percent on your Netflix subscription, depending on the package you choose. Previously priced at INR. 199 a month, Netflix’s “Mobile” subscription now costs INR. 149 a month, which is a 25% reduction.

Netflix’s “Basic” package, which was previously priced at INR. 499 per month, will now cost just INR. 199 per month in India, the company announced.

The price of Netflix’s “Standard” plan has been reduced from INR. 649 per month to INR. 499 per month. The savings are 23%. For those who prefer the Netflix “Premium” plan, the monthly cost drops from $9.99 (INR. 799) to $6.99 (INR. 649). Each of India’s four Netflix plans has now reduced in price to the one below it (except for “Mobile,” which has been added at INR. 149).


If you already have a Netflix subscription, you’ll be upgraded to the higher plan starting today. Members will receive a notification on their devices the next time they check in that asks them to either Confirm Upgrade or select a new plan. From the following billing cycle, consumers on Netflix’s “Premium” plan will see a price increase. For individuals who prefer to continue with their current plan, rather than their current price, this also holds true.

The advantages remain unchanged. Netflix’s “Basic” plan allows you to watch on any device, but only at 480p resolution, while the “Mobile” option is limited to 480p content on smartphones and tablets. Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar enable HD streaming on their non-mobile subscriptions, therefore Netflix is the final major platform to offer SD video on its non-mobile plans. On Prime Video Mobile Edition, Amazon restricts you to viewing SD content. No video quality restrictions apply to any plan on Disney+ Hotstar.) High-definition (HD) 1080p video is included in the “Standard” Netflix plan; the “Premium” plan includes 4K quality and HDR content.

Netflix is now slightly more competitive in India with these new prices. On Tuesday, Amazon Prime Video subscriptions went raised from INR. 999 per year to INR. 1,499 per year, resulting in a price increase. INR. 125 a month works out to almost $120. Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar don’t let you stream 4K HDR content across many devices with one subscription, but Amazon does.

Prime Video Mobile Edition is accessible on select mobile providers and costs INR. 89 per month, as previously announced. Hotstar’s INR. 499 per year Mobile plan for Disney+ continues to be the most cheap of the lot. That works out to roughly 42 rupees a month. For those who want to watch on multiple devices simultaneously, Disney+ Hotstar Super (INR. 899 per year) and Disney+ Hotstar Premium (INR. 1,499 per year) are available.

When asked about her country’s passion of excellent entertainment, Netflix India Vice President of Content Monika Shergill said: Netflix is now even more accessible, regardless of your mood, tastes, or plans. Netflix is available on your cell phone for INR. 149, and on any device starting at INR. 199, whether you choose Aranyak on Friday, Money Heist on Saturday, Dhamaka and Sooryavanshi on Sunday.”

Netflix’s new India plans — Mobile at INR. 149, Basic at INR. 199, Standard at INR. 499, and Premium at INR. 649 — are now available for purchase in the country.

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