New Standard set for Fruit Juices and Beverages


The Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DoFTQC) has set the standard for juices and beverages.

As per the department, the new standard for beverages and juices has been introduced to ensure healthy competition in the domestic market.

“The new standard will replace the previous standard set for beverages and juices. The new standard, which has been set in line with international practices, will primarily ensure quality of these products and healthy competition,” said Mohan Krishna Maharjan, spokesperson for DoFTQC.

According to him, the new standard prohibits producers from mixing water in fresh and packed juices, while it also bars producers from mixing unnecessary ingredients in beverages to make them tastier and also look attractive. Under the new provision, any fruit beverage should be made entirely from fruits. However, producers can add other nutritious ingredients like sugar and salt as per necessity.

“The new standard will come into force once it is published in the Nepal Gazette,” added Maharjan.

Once the new standard is implemented, the department will start monitoring the market and prohibit the sale of fruit juices and beverages not complying with the new quality standard.

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