Royal Enfield set to launch a cheaper Himalayan variant in Feb 2022

Royal Enfield Scram 411 Price Nepal

An image of the new motorcycle that Royal Enfield is planning to launch as part of an aggressive market expansion strategy is now made public. From February 2022, the company plans to begin selling in the market an entirely new model codenamed ‘Scram 411‘.

Despite the fact that it has a similar appearance to Himalayan, this model is reportedly less expensive. It’s clear from the image that although it has similar design looks as the Himalayan model, customers won’t be able to get the new features like a split seat and a high front wheel. The company is marketing this model both as an adventurer and cruiser motorcycle at the same time.

The engine has not been revealed by the manufacturer. However, it is expected to be powered by a single cylinder, SOHC engine of 411cc displacement.

As a replacement for the Himalayan’s adventure-oriented features, the Scram 411 will have a shorter windscreen, a single seat, and a rear pillion grab grip to make it more roadworthy and a better highway cruiser.

However, it is expected to be powered by the same LS410 single-cylinder air-cooled 4-stroke SOHC engine that has a maximum output of 411cc. The transmission and gearing, as well as the engine’s overall output, could be left untouched.

In terms of pricing, it will be lower than the Himalayan, making it a more accessible and value-oriented product.

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