LG launches energy efficient air conditioners in Nepal

LG has introduced LG air conditioner, equipped with inverter compressor technology to the Nepali market. The air conditioner with inverter compressor technology from LG has been introduced for the first time in Nepal, claims the company.

Unlike conventional AC cooling systems that consume larger units of electricity, the Inverter Technology in LG air conditioners is considered to be the best in energy efficiency.

“This system uses a variable speed compressor, which means the AC’s cooling or heating capacity can be changed to suit indoor conditions,” it said.

It is an effective cooling device, as it effectively cools temperature on warmer days. It can save energy up to 44 per cent.

This makes the LG Inverter Units more economical and efficient to operate and a lot quieter. According to LG, “It is a product which is consumer friendly in every way and ideally suited to varying temperatures experienced in Nepal.

Promoted as ‘This summer…Let’s make your home the coolest one’, the new range of LG air conditioner with inverter compressor technology is competitively priced and offers to bring international quality air-conditioning solutions to Nepali homes.

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