BOE unveils scrollable display technology for future smartphones

BOE scroll display

The Chinese company BOE demonstrated atSID Display Week 2019 exhibition  its recent and latest developments of the companys products. Among them, the prototype of the device with a screen that rolls into a tube was particularly highlighted.

The 12.3-inch display has two modules around the edges, which can be used to “stretch” and “collapses” the screen. While the sample device did not come with touch feature, but in the final product with this functionality will be implemented, stated the company representative.

In the fully collapsed state, the device is quite compact, like a small tablet. Although the company proposes such display for future tablet like devices, such a screen can be used in next-generation smartphones.

Other developments were also shown, for example, a 7.7-inch folding smartphone, a variety of flexible displays, display panels for automotive sector, as well as a 3.5-inch display with a resolution of 8K for augmented reality devices.

Although new technology like foldable smartphones are ready to hit the market in 2019, but the adoption rate seems to be quite low given the fact such devices come at a huge price tag. The technology may be ready but consumers aren’t.

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