Sony unveils wearable mini air conditioner

Sony pocket air conditioner

During summer when the heat is on, things only get better if you have a better ways to keep you cool while indoor or outdoor.

Well, Sony feels this is a never ending problem and believes it has the solution to our problems. The company is  crowdfunding a pocket “air conditioning” project known by “Reon Pocket” which quickly surpassed 100%.

Wearable “air conditioner” that you put under your clothes
In short, you just have to put the pocket air conditioner under your clothes and adjust the temperature through the smartphone application. Unfortunately there is no automatic process. I think it would be a huge advantage to have the gadget turn on automatically once it was senses a certain temperature.

Reon Pocket is a product mainly for business people who wear shirts and jackets to reduce stress caused by heat and cold due to cold and warm sensations on the neck.

Simply put, it is a device that achieves a cool agent or cooling pack that cools down by pressing it against the neck when it is hot, and an electrical method instead of a chemical formula when it is cold.

The gadget is small and quiet. That is, you will not walk with a noisy fan behind your back  simply to stay cool. By putting the gadget under your clothes and setting the right temperature for you, the little wearable does its job.

Unfortunately there are no concrete details and other features of the little gadget. The device is rechargeable so it can be used repeatedly as long as it has a power source. Charging of the device is through USB-C and a Bluetooth connection is required to connect to the smartphone app.

How much will this “air conditioner” cost?
With a value of around $115, I fully believe that this will be a guaranteed investment for all those who have to sunbathe in their work. A door-to-door salesman, or even a postman. Have you ever imagined working without feeling the intense heat?

The gadget will hit the market in first quarter of 2020, however, only in Asia. There are no specific dates for the arrival of the product to other global markets. Hopefully Sony will launch this little gadget in other regions too.

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