Apple unveils the revamped MacBook Pro with notched display

Apple MacBook Pro 2021 Price Nepal

The most anticipated product of Apple’s keynote was undoubtedly the new MacBook Pro. During the last few years we have heard number of rumors related to the renewal of this model, and now it is official.

A good part of the leaks, even those that seemed too good to be true, has turned out into reality, but it is also true that the computer arrives with a particular feature that, until a few days ago, nobody expected. Yes, we are referring to the ‘notch‘.

As a result, we go in segments because there is so much to cover. You should understand that the MacBook Pro has had a significant refresh as recently as 2016. We’re referring to the generation that sparked controversy by getting rid of necessary connectors, and instead the tech giant introduced the Touch Bar, and a keyboard with a butterfly mechanism that gave users a lot of headaches. Even Apple got away with it in later iterations of the software. Cupertino, on the other hand, hopes to make amendments for the faults of the past with the new 2021 model unveiled today.

Apple Macbook Pro 2021

In fact, it’s evident that Apple’s new MacBook Pro focuses more on functionality than aesthetics. No longer will computers be made as small as possible at the expense of portability. This model’s thickness is slightly higher than that of the previous one. Why? The HDMI port has been brought back in this iteration, and its size demanded greater room than in previous generations. Camera and video editors will be happy to see SD card slots returning. Did you miss the MagSafe? Well, it’s also back, now with a thinner design.

Aside from that, it uses the same industrial design language as the rest of Apple’s products. As a result of this, newer iMac, iPhone and iPad models all have flat borders. Consequently, attempts to harmonize the appearance of the company’s products are ongoing. As expected, it will be available in 14- and 16-inch screen sizes. Are there differences beyond dimensions? We answer you below.

Apple M1 Pro to Max

Processors M1 Pro and M1 Max, the all-in-ones.

Internally, the biggest novelty of the new MacBook Pro is its processor. Apple has introduced two new members of the Apple Silicon family, the M1 Pro and M1 Max of 5 nanometers, whose jump in performance over the traditional M1 is brutal.


The memory bandwidth can be increased by up to 200 GB/s with the M1 Pro. It has 10 cores in total, with 8 being extremely fast and 2 being extremely efficient. The combined memory, on the other hand, has a maximum capacity of 32 GB. In Apple’s estimation, the M1 Pro chip performs 70% better than the M1, which is no small feat since the chip’s initial iteration already delivered exceptional results. The GPU isn’t far behind, with 16 cores and performance that’s twice what it was before (with support for up to 2 6K monitors).


But the jewel in the crown is the M1 Max, a real beast for the most demanding users. This processor, believe it or not, doubles the numbers of the M1 Pro in almost every way. The memory bandwidth reaches 400 GB/s and its GPU offers 32 cores (with support for up to 4 external 6K monitors), while the unified memory can be increased up to 64 GB. The CPU, of course, remains the same (10 cores).

In both cases, support is offered for the Thunderbolt 4 standard and H.264, HEVC, and ProRescodecs.

Mini-LED screen, with ‘notch’

The surprise you’ll receive when you open the laptop is undeniable. Its screen has a notch to give space to the new FaceTime HD (1080p) camera. Why turn to a component that has been so criticized on the iPhone? Apple drastically decreased the thickness of all the side frames, so it was forced to create a notch that housed the camera. It is important to mention that it does not have FaceID.

Macbook Pro size difference

With the new MacBook Pro, Apple has jumped on board with Liquid Retina XDR technology for the screen. As a result of better contrast and deeper blacks, the Mini-LED display panel represents a significant breakthrough. Thanks to ProMotion technology, the refresh rate may be increased to 120Hz (the same as the iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro).

In resolution, the 14″ MacBook Pro’s screen is 3024 x 1964 (254 pixels per inch). In the 16″ big brother it rises to 3456 x 2234,maintaining the same pixel density.

Apple Macbook Pro 2021 connectors

Enhanced connectivity, battery and keyboard

The new MacBook Pro has HDMI and SD card readers, as well as 3 USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports and a 3.5mm headphone port, which brings us full circle back to the subject of connectivity. The MagSafe charger alters both the appearance and operation of the device. Fast charging is supported, allowing the battery to be recharged to 50% in as little as 30 minutes. Is it still possible to use USB-C connectors to power it? Yes, because you have two recharge options.

Apple Macbook Pro Magsafe 3

According to Apple, the 14″ MacBook Pro’s battery can last up to 17 hours in video playback. The 16″ model  raises the battery life to whopping 21 hours. This data is surprising if we consider the potential of its processors. “Unlike other professional laptops that lose performance when not connected, MacBook Pro offers the same level of performance whether you’re connected or using the battery. This unprecedented combination of system performance, battery performance and battery life sets the MacBook Pro apart from all other laptops.”

Moving on to the keyboard, we can wave goodbye to the Touch Bar for good with a Magic Keyboard that replaces it. In its place, the standard-sized physical function keys that professionals missed so much have been incorporated. The latter, by the way, have new tackles for Spotlight, Siri, Dictation and Do Not Disturb mode. Finally, the TouchID is now located on the power key (upper right corner).

Apple Macbook Pro 2021 spatial audio
High quality sound
Since the previous generation, Apple placed special emphasis on the sound quality of its range of laptops, and with the new MacBook Pro has been no exception. In this sense, the computer stands out for a system of six speakers, which in turn is made up of 4 woofers with force cancellation and two high-performance tweeters. These, together, allow you to offer Spatial Audio when playing music or video compatible with Dolby Atmos.

MacBook Pro 2021 Price
Price and availability of the new MacBook Pro
The new MacBook Pro can already be booked from today in Spain; deliveries begin in late October or early November. The 14″ model starts from USD 2,249 and the 16″ at USD 2499 . These prices, of course, are for its most basic configurations.

MacBook Pro – 14 inch

  • 8 Core CPU/ 14 Core GPU / 16 GB RAM / 512 GB SSD starts at $1999
  • 10 Core CPU/ 16 Core GPU / 16 GB RAM / 1 TB SSD starts at $2499

MacBook Pro – 16 inch

  • 10 Core CPU/ 16 Core GPU / 16 GB RAM / 512 GB SSD starts at $2499
  • 10 Core CPU/ 16 Core GPU / 16 GB RAM / 1 TB SSD starts at $2699
  • 10 Core CPU/ 32 Core GPU / 32 GB RAM / 1 TB SSD starts at $3499
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