Grove Hydrogen Fuel cell powered cars to launch in Nepal

Grove Hydrogen Cars in Nepal

Grove Hydrogen Automotive Co., Ltd. and DSM Global launch new partnership for Hydrogen Car Distribution in Nepal.

►Grove Hydrogen Automotive Co., Ltd., manufacturer of zero emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles today have concluded with DSM Global Company Pvt. an agreement to develop the Nepal market for Hydrogen Vehicles.
► DSM Global brings a wealth of experience with multiple brand of vehicle distribution across the country of Nepal.
► The companies shall work together on market and product programs towards importation of hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen to the country by 2020 and focus on becoming a leading player in the New Energy car market.

Grove Hydrogen Automotive Company Limited announced today signature of agreement for Cooperation with DSM Global Company Pvt. of Nepal to proceed with plans for distribution of Grove vehicles and distribution of Hydrogen from Grove’s Parent Company IGE in China into Nepal.

With a dedicated Environmental focus Nepal has an agenda to eliminate fossil fuel powered cars by 2030 and the country has significant tax advantages for Zero Emission Vehicles. The importation of Hydrogen from China produced from Industrial waste gases will be implemented to support fast development of a Hydrogen Infrastructure in the country.

‘Nepal is a treasure of our world in many ways and being able to contribute towards offering clean mobility is a proud moment for Grove and indeed as a Chinese company being able to participate in this process.’ said Professor Hao Yiguo, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Grove Hydrogen Automotive Company Limited. ‘Our cars are developed to offer a sustainable future, the environmental focus of the Nepalese is a great platform for us to truly demonstrate what we are capable of achieving with our technology.’

Grove cars nepal

Launching Globally at the Shanghai Motorshow, Grove is a hydrogen fuel cell car maker which plans to release a model range which aims to capture the attention of the Global Automotive World. Grove cars are developed to offer a long range, with the first cars of the Grove brand being capable of a 1,000 km plus distance from a single tank, and able to be refuelled within only minutes, allowing the lifestyle of drivers as has been experienced in the past to be respected while showing the same respect to the environment with emission free power.

DSM Global is a company with a strong focus on Environmentally friendly cars and will work closely with Grove and IGE to develop the Hydrogen Story for Nepal. Established with Expertise from a strong multibrand automotive distributor, DSM offers a strong network and significant expertise to be able to develop the market quickly and ensure a successful launch for this new technology in Nepal.

‘Grove and IGE have a flexible and driven strategy which is consistent with our focus on bringing to our country quickly technologies which protect our environment for generations to come,’ said Devshworup Maharjan, Managing Director and Chairman of DSM Global. ‘We have a strong background in our team for car distribution and working closely together with the team of experts at Grove and IGE gives us great confidence in this opportunity to pioneer a new chapter of clean motoring for our country.’

Grove Automobiles Nepal

The cooperation agreement will see Grove, IGE and DSM work together to evaluate the most environmentally friendly approach and to look into development of vehicles to support establish the most appropriate cars for Nepal. ‘Mr. Maharjan and his team give us a great platform to understand Nepal and develop a product offering and Energy concept for the country,’ says Brendan Norman, Chief Marketing and Strategy officer of Grove. ‘We have a strong focus on consistently improving our environmental status, already with our cars we have advantages but going into a country like Nepal we are able to widen our view and really try to maximise the work that we have done to eliminate environmental impact.’

Grove and IGE working together with DSM aim to not only offer zero emission motoring but also cast a view to other opportunities in the energy space in Nepal as the cooperation matures.

‘Our cars give an exciting new option to consumers to enjoy truly free mobility yet to do that in a Green friendly way,’ says Professor Hao, ‘and with DSM we are able to contribute to the protection of one of the worlds most precious environments.’

About Grove

Grove is a brand of the Grove Hydrogen Automotive Company Limited, registered in Wuhan, China.
Born in 2016 and Registered in 2018 under parent company Institute of Geosciences and Environment (IGE). Operating Design and Development in Wuhan and Barcelona Spain, with Production Facilities in Wuhan and several other locations to be announced during 2019 Grove is a Global car company aiming to offer a truly clean Automotive experience from Manufacturing to enjoyment of the car.

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