Kia EV6: First Images Of The Electric Crossover emerge

Kia EV6 Nepal

Like almost all international car manufacturers, Kia is taking the turn of the electric by presenting the photos of its first car designed 100% as EV (Electric Vechicle) knowing that the South Korean manufacturer’s offer already includes the e-Niro and e-Soul all-electric. Called EV6, this future crossover marks Kia’s renewal in terms of design.

The designers at Kia have therefore started from a blank sheet to draw the EV6 which brings out, like a symbol of rupture, the new logo of the Asian brand. The Kia EV6’s lines are designed by Karim Habib’s teams, who previously worked for BMW and Infiniti.

The Kia EV6 is based on the all-new E-GMP platform it shares with the Hyundai Ioniq 5. The crossover brings out a modern and uncluttered design but, on closer inspection, we also notice a clever work in terms of homogeneity or, connection between the different parts of the car. Indeed, the curves of the front wings extend to the very plunging hood, the latter incorporating long optics with the sharp light signature, these same lights coming to blend into the protections of the wheel passages. Also noteworthy is a strong tilt of the windshield.

KIA EV6 Electric

Below, an identical philosophy emerges with an open shield, a shiny element located on its lower part highlighting the entire silhouette of the Kia EV6, this up to the rear wings. Continuing this feature that structures the bottom of the body, it goes up to the rear wheels to create a new link with the lights. As for the sides of the crossover, they are quite simple but, above all, they bring out a slightly plunging roof line and reduced glass surfaces.

Kia EV6 Price in Nepal

A crossover or, SUV, should clear a robust minimum, it is usually the shapes of the rear part that releases. A long red curve incorporating the taillights visually widens the Kia EV6 especially as the tailgate of the latter does not go unnoticed thanks to a vertical element that is one with a shield with an elevated effect. To balance the whole and offer dynamism, the Kia EV6 also responds to the current trend of coupes with a significant tilt of the rear bezel.

Before moving inside the EV6, Karim Habid, Senior Vice President and Kia’s Global Design Manager, presents his work:

“With the EV6, we sought to create a distinctive and striking design by combining sophisticated, high-tech stylistic elements with rich, uncluttered volumes, while providing a space like no other typical of a resolutely futuristic electric vehicle.”

Kia EV6 in Nepal

The interior of the Kia EV6 can be considered a high-tech and refined revolution for the South Korean manufacturer. A long curved dashboard with streaked patterns accommodates two digital slabs juxtaposed to form a large screen slightly inclined towards the driver. To provide a great sense of space, the aerators stretch and become one with a long shiny line. A floating-looking center console helps to amplify the crossover’s livability. For the rest, the presentation seems neat with different decorative inserts.

KIA EV6 Electric

Finally, we will have to wait until the end of March to discover the technical characteristics of the Kia EV6 but, it should logically take over the engines and batteries of the Hyundai Ioniq 5: 125 kW/170 hp (an electric motor) with a battery of 58 kWh and 173 kW/235 hp (two electric motors) with the choice of a battery of 72.6 kWh.

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