Loongson 3A5000 introduced : Chinese processor competes with first-gen Ryzen CPU

Loongson 3A5000

Recently, Chinese chip manufacturing company showcased their monstrous 500-core H3C Engiant 800 processor built for the enterprise hardware environment.

The company Loongson has now introduced a consumer oriented CPU 3A5000 or more precisely LS3A5000 in the chinese market.

Although it has only four cores, but it’s still a very interesting achievement. First, the CPU is based on the company’s own architecture with the LoongArch GS464V instruction set.

This CPU also supports binary transformation extension (LBT) instructions, vector processing extension (LSX) instructions, vector processing enhanced extension (LASX) instructions, and virtualization extension instructions.

The processor cores are superscalar. Each contains four general purpose ALUs and a pair of 256-bit vector operations units. It all works at a frequency of 2.3-2.5 GHz.

Compared to the previous generation, performance has increased by 50%, and as a result, the 3A5000 should be able to compete with the first generation Ryzen processor.

The processor is aimed at consumer PCs, but, of course, will be exclusively available for the Chinese market only for now.

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