Brihat Group Launches Italian Bath Fittings Brand Milano, Exclusive Outlet in Kalanki

Milano Nepal

Renowned international sanitary and bath fittings brand ‘Milano,’ has been formally introduced in Nepal by Brihat Group which is also involved in real estate businesses.

Milano, an Italian company famous for its high-end bathroom products, has a global following. Brihat is also planning to open a Milano showroom in Kathmandu’s Kalanki in December of this year.

This is the second time that the company has brought Danube Home to Nepal, this time from Dubai. Brihat opened the private Danube Home Nepal showroom in Tahgalli, Sundhara, Kathmandu in August last year.

Danube Home Nepal

Executive chairman Om Rajbhandari said, “We were able to open its showroom within eight months of proposing Danube for cooperation in Nepal at a time when the business world is finding it difficult to think of new investments in Covid-19,” at a press conference celebrating the company’s 14th anniversary. Milano is now coming to Nepal with us.

By the end of the year, it expects to have its first exclusive store in Kalanki. According to Raj Bhandari, Danube Home’s second location in Kathmandu’s Dilli Bazaar is set to open in December. He added that the company intends to open more locations in all of Nepal’s major cities outside of Kathmandu in the near future, including Danube Home and Milano.

In his words, Danube and Milano have come to Nepal as a one-stop solution for all the products necessary from the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and garden to make the house beautiful and pleasant, he added.

Brihat Property Solutions Nepal

Under the Brihat Group, there are real estate related companies including large investment, large property solutions, large developers and builders and self-employed hotels and apartments, and an enterprise development and promotion company.

The Brihat group has built a mixed project with housing in the capital’s Ramkot, Maiti Devi, Balkhu and Bhainsepati and apartments and commercial complexes in Sundhara.

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