Nepal Telecom launches FTTH Winter Offer (with free 300 MB data pack on mobile)

Nepal Telcom FTTH Winter Offer

Nepal Telecom has launched FTTH-Warm Winter offer for FTTH service customers. Under this plan, 300 MB data is provided on a daily basis in the mobile account of FTTH service customers who subscribe for  annual package of 20 Mbps or more under the FTTH-Warm Winter Offer.

Customers who subscribe to yearly package of 20 Mbps or higher speed, upgrade their previous package to 20 Mbps or higher speed annual package and renew the same package for one year will be eligible for 300 MB data  .

Similarly, CPE required for FTTH connection and drop fiber cable up to 100 meters will also be available free of cost.

For this, the customer will have to mention their mobile number in the customer contact number field of the FTTH application form. Existing customers can provide their mobile number available at the nearest telecommunication office.

After the FTTH connection is made, 300 MB free data can be activated per day by dialing *1415# as per the instructions provided by the company. This data can be used on all 2G / 3G / 4G networks, 24 hours a day .

Once the daily free data is activated on the mobile, 300 MB of data will be automatically available on the provided mobile number every day for a period of one year free of charge. Corporate customers will also be able to activate free data packs on mobile just like individual customers.

At present, connecting a new FTTH line and getting an unlimited internet package of 20 Mbps for one year costs a total of Rs 13,000 including all taxes. This offer is available in 20 Mbps plan and services including 25, 50 and 60 Mbps provided by the company.

This offer includes 300 Mbps data daily (of value Rs. 10,000 annually), free CPE (current price Rs. 2,825) and 100 meter drop fiber cable (current price Rs. 1000) totaling an amount of more than Rs 13,000 at no additional cost.

Nepal Telecom FTTH service is currently providing high speed data services and voice services. The service is expected to become more popular in the near future after the launch of IPTV service.

FTTH Tariff – Home User

& Validity
1 Month NRs. 900 NRs. 1,000 NRs. 1,200 NRs. 1,500 NRs. 1,800 NRs. 2,000
3 Months NRs. 2,600 NRs. 2,850 NRs. 3,400 NRs. 4,200 NRs. 5,050 NRs. 5,500
12 Months NRs. 10,000 NRs. 10,500 NRs. 12,500 NRs. 15,500 NRs. 19,000 NRs. 20,500
Free Mobile Data Free 300 MB Data Pack Daily for 1 Year
Free Voice minutes 250 minutes on 1 month

750 minutes on 3 month

3000 minutes on 12 Months Subscription

250 minutes on 1 month

750 minutes on 3 months

3000 minutes on 12 Months Subscription

250 minutes on 1 month

750 minutes on 3 months

minutes on 12 Months Subscription

FTTH Tariff – Corporate User

Validity  10Mbps 20Mbps
3 Months NRs. 10300 NRs. 19500
6 Months NRs. 18400 NRs. 36800
12 Months NRs. 34500 NRs. 69000
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