Nepal Telecom to start IPTV service from 1st Jan 2021


Nepal Telecom is set to bring into operation the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) starting from Friday 01 Jan, 2021.

Nepal Telecom had been preparing for this for two years. It will bring the IPTV service into operation through fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) in the NT TV brand on the New Year’s Day 2021.

Nepal Telecom has been presently providing voice service and data service through FTTH and now is adding the IPTV service in its portfolio. With the introduction of this new services the state owned telecom provider will be the first to offer Triple Play services over a single optical wire.

With the introduction of this new service, subscribers can benefit from voice, data and video over a single optical wire provided by the telecom. Nepal Telecom will be offering IP Telephony for landline, high speed fiber internet and IPTV under this bundled service.

This service would be available from Sundhara, Babarmahal, Thimi, Balambu, Bhaktapur, Chabahil, Chhauni and Gongabu exchange within Kathmandu Valley, presently.

Nepal Telecom’s FTTH network has reached Patan, Hattigauda, Jorpati, Kirtipur, Sainbu, Lubhu, Naxal and Banepa and it would be available at places where the FTTH can be technically distributed.

Nepal Telecom’s spokesperson Rajesh Joshi said, subscribers who are taking the voice and data services or both through the FTTH service should contact the nearest Nepal Telecom office for availing of NT TV service.

The pricing details of the NT TV (IPTV) will be announced after the launch of this service on Friday.

Updated 1 Jan,2021 – Nepal Telecom has announced the pricing details of the IPTV package for single and multiple connection as follows:

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