Norvic International Hospital to provide free opd every Saturday

Norvic International Hospital free opd

Norvic International Hospital will now operate a free OPD service every Saturday.

According to Ajay Kumar Mishra, Chief Executive Officer of Norvic Hospital, the campaign will start from next Saturday.

Every Saturday, a specialist doctor will provide 2 hours of free OPD service. To avail free OPD services, you can call Kshitij Upreti, OPD Head, Norvic Hospital at 9841181281.

The specialist doctor assigned for each Saturday of the week will examine the patients free of cost from 10 am to 12 noon.

Norvic Hospital will provide prior information about list of specialist doctors who will be providing free service every Saturday through the hospital’s facebook page.

Prior information about the specialist doctors staying in the free OPD service every Saturday will be provided through the website and Facebook page of Norvic Hospital.

Norvic Hospital has appointed senior diabetes specialist Dr. Kamaksha Shah and Dr. Madhu Maskey for  free OPD service next Saturday. On this day, people suffering from diabetes will be able to get free OPD services.

Mishra, CEO of Norvic Hospital, said that different specialists would be offering free OPD services every Saturday and called on the patients concerned to take full advantage.

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