Now you can use your Raspberry Pi to build and run AI apps

If you have a Raspberry Pi 5, you can now build and run AI-powered apps thanks to a new kit developed with Hailo.

The AI Kit is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5 and is designed for those who want to experiment with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks. It’s specifically crafted for developing AI applications based on object visualization.

The kit works with official or third-party cameras and offers full integration with the Raspberry Pi imaging software subsystem. It can deliver a throughput of 13 trillion operations per second (TOPS), which is impressive for a miniPC.

Raspberry Pi has shared examples of what the AI Kit can do, such as recognizing static or moving objects in real-time. It can replicate the walk of people who pass in front of the camera or detect the types of vehicles traveling at high speed on a road.

The kit includes a Hailo-8L artificial intelligence accelerator, which runs neural networks directly on its coprocessor. This means that complex tasks, like face detection or semantic segmentation, don’t consume the minicomputer’s CPU resources.

The hardware also allows you to run multiple neural networks through a single camera or in up to two simultaneously. Hailo and Raspberry Pi have collaborated to provide software tools that make it easy to take advantage of the kit. They’ve published a comprehensive guide that includes the steps to assemble the components, install the necessary packages, and configure them easily.

This is an excellent alternative for those who are just starting in the field of artificial intelligence or for those who want to experiment with technology without spending thousands of dollars on computing power.

The AI Kit costs around $70, which is similar to the price of a Raspberry Pi 5. You can purchase the kit from the official website and see the available resellers in your country. If you’re in Spain, you can get it for around 78 euros, and in Mexico, it sells for 1,950 pesos. Deliveries will start from June 14.

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