Nepal’s Number of Doctors Reaches 45,409

number of doctors in nepal

Kathmandu – Nepal’s number of doctors has reached 45,409. This is according to the data up to Poush month of 2080.

According to the economic survey of the fiscal year 2080/081 presented by Finance Minister Varshaman Pun Anant in both houses of the Federal Parliament, 30,277 medical doctors, 4,883 dentists, and 10,588 specialist doctors are registered with the Nepal Medical Council.

Of these, 64.1% are male and 35.9% are female. In the same period, 122,313 nurses of various categories are registered with the Nepal Nursing Council.

According to the survey, there are 1.20 doctors and 2.83 nurses per thousand population in Nepal, which is higher than the standard set by the World Health Organization.

As of February 2079 B.S 102,686 health workers, including doctors, nurses, anesthetists, ayurvedic practitioners, health assistants, and female health volunteers, are in government service.

In the current fiscal year, up to February, 4.60 million 56 thousand patients have been provided with indoor, outdoor, and emergency services from government and private health institutions, which was 2.88 million in the same period of the last fiscal year.

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