Pure EV’s ETryst 350 Electric bike Launched, Open for Bookings in Nepal

Pure EV Etryst 350 Price in Nepal

Pure EV’s electric bike ETryst 350 will soon be available in Nepal, according to the company. The official distributor in Nepal, White Lotus Motors, has begun taking reservations.

Pure EV Naxal-based showroom has arranged a test-ride facility as well. According to White Lotus Motors, the bike will be delivered to the purchaser within the next two weeks.

Design wise, it appears to be a gasoline-powered motorcycle at first appearance, but it is in fact an electric motorcycle created for the future.

A 7-inch LED digital display, LED headlights, and LED DRLS are included with the bike. This muscular-looking motorcycle has a charging plug built inside the petrol tank.

The 3.5 kW lithium ion battery pack and the 3.0 VLDC motor hub are the only components of Pure EV.

It has a top speed of 85 kmph and a top speed of 4.0 kW and 60 Nm of torque. This motorcycle has a claimed range of 140 kilometers and a reported charging time of six hours using an 84 volt charger.

There are three driving modes available for this motorcycle: sport, crossover, and thrill. It has a 198-millimeter ground clearance and can climb up to 16 degrees uphill.

Disc brakes and tubeless tires are standard on both wheels. Hydraulic dual suspension in the front and rear allows remote starting.

The bike, which weighs 120 kilograms, is capable of towing a load of 160 kilograms.

Pure EV Etryst 350 Nepal

Pure EV’s ETryst 350 Specification

  • MOTOR – BLDC Hub Motor
    4.0 KW Peak / 3.0 KW Nominal
  • CHARGER – 84 V 8A
    CC-CV Portable
  • LOAD CAPACITY – 150 Kgs
  • BATTERY – 3.5 KWH
    Lithium Ion Battery
    NMC Chemistry
  • GRADEABILITY – 16 Degrees
    Drive – 60 KMPH
    Cross Over – 75 KMPH
    Thrill – 85 KMPH


  • Tyre:
    Front: 2.75-18 | Tubeless
    Rear: 3.00-17 | Tubeless
  • Wheel Size:
    Front: 457.2 mm
    Rear: 431.8 mm
  • Wheels Type: Alloy
  • Brake:
    Front: 220 mm Disc
    Rear: 220 mm Disc
  • Tyre Pressure (Rider):
    Front: 34 psi
    Rear: 33 psi


  • Controller: 72 V 4 KW Vector Looped
  • BMS: Active Balance 100 A
  • Torque at 60 KMPH: 60 Nm
  • Starting: Remote Start & Key Operation
    0 – 40 KMPH in 04.4 Sec
    0 – 60 KMPH in 07.4 Sec
    0 – 75 KMPH in 11.6 Sec
  • Regenerative Braking: Yes

Pure EV Etryst 350 Price in Nepal

Pure EV’s ETryst 350 has been priced at Rs 399,000 in the Nepali market, according to the company.

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