Room Heaters available in Nepali market with price list

Room Heaters Price in Nepal

There is a nip in the air. The demand for a wide range of apparel, gadgets, footwear, and thick garments and other heating materials rises significantly when the weather starts freezing.

Companies and entrepreneurs have also begun importing and manufacturing products for the winter season. Business in hot items like thick clothing has picked up since the start of the cold season on the market.

General public preparations for winter are also underway. During the winter months, heaters are among the most used electronic components. A wide range of heaters and other heating supplies are bought by the general people as a result of the cold weather.

People are increasingly using various sorts of electrical heaters in their homes or workplaces in an effort to remain warm. There are a variety of heaters to choose from. It may be utilized in a variety of ways, depending on the amount of money you have available.

According to the businesses, products are available in the Nepalese market ranging from Rs 700 to Rs 5,000, depending on the brand. Companies claim that the heaters that the consumer needs can be purchased with ease from online stores.

Baltra Room Heaters

Since the start of the winter season, Baltra has launched a variety of electronic products with distinct slogans. The heaters offered by the company range in price between Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000. Heaters of different shapes and sizes as well as types are being offered by the company.

Baltra offers small to mid-sized room heaters with the following types – Fan Heater, Halogen heater, Quartz Heater and wall hung fan heater that resembles like a mini ac unit.

The Baltra BTH 125 and BTH 104 Baltra Quartz Flame Heater are expected to retail for between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,100, according to the company. Additionally, Baltra Pearl PTC BTH 115, a wall mount model is priced at Rs 5,000. Heaters ranging in price from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 will be available to the consumers.

CG Room Heaters

Similarly, CG Digital has begun marketing and delivering all of the cold-weather supplies needed. There are just a few warmers in stock at this time. According to a statement from the company, new heaters will be available in the market within this month soon.

For cold weather, the company offers gas room heaters, quartz heaters, electric heaters, fan heaters, halogen and room heaters from the company. However, the corporation doesn’t yet have all of the heaters on sale. In the present situation, the company solely sells Kent halogen heaters and carbon heaters. The price ranges from Rs 2,100 to Rs 3,100.

  • Kent Halogen Heater – KHH0133 – NPR 2200
  • Kent Halogen Heater – KHH0128 – NPR 2130
  • CG Carbon Heater – CGCH90N04 – NPR 3710
  • CG Halogen Heater – CGHH12J04 – NPR 3260
  • CG CG Heat Converter – CGEH01 – NPR 3860
  • CG Halogen Heater – CGHH16C05 – NPR 3900
  • CG Halogen Heater – CGHH12B05 – NPR 3800
  • CG Halogen Heater – CGHH12A05 – NPR 4890
  • CG Gas Room Heater – CGGH03ERA – NPR 12,400
  • CG Oil Radiator Heater – 13 Fin – CGOFR1301F – NPR 13,010
  • CG Oil Radiator Heater – 11 Fin – CGOFR1101F – NPR 11,900
  • Black + Decker 2000W Horizontal Fan Heater – HX230-B5 – NPR 5280
  • Black + Decker 2000W Vertical Fan Heater – HX310-B5 – NPR 4840
  • Black + Decker Oil Radiator Heater – 13 Fin – Fan Forced – OR013FD-B5 – NPR 21,690
  • Black + Decker Oil Radiator Heater – 11 Fin – Fan Forced – OR011FD-B5 – NPR 19,800

Wega Room Heaters

Wega also provides a variety of heaters to choose from. Currently, the firm has 15 different types of heaters in stock. The pricing of the heater and fan heater is said to range from Rs 700 to Rs 4500, according to the company. Additionally, the company provides a one-year guarantee on various heaters on the market. The price and type of product, according to the business, varies.

  • Wega Quartz Heater 800W WQ 801 – NPR 700
  • Wega 5 Quartz Trolley Heater W-2500 – NPR 4700
  • Wega GEF1101 3in1 – Fan Blower Heater/ Quartz Heater/ Gas Heater – NPR 9890
  • ARITA /WEGA Quartz Trolly Heater 5 heating elements A-2500 (1 year waranty) – NPR4800
  • Wega Trolley Heater (W-2500) – NPR 4500
  • Wega Gas+Electric Heater – NPR 8800
  • Wega WF1102 Wall Mounted Fan Heater(2000Watt) 1 Year Warrenty – NPR 3999
  • Wega 3 Rod Electric Halogen Heater 1200 Watts – NPR 1880
  • Wega Heavy 3 Rod Heating Halogen Heater – W-754 – NPR 2950
  • Wega Heater Carbon Fiber(2 Year Warranty) – NPR 3999
  • Wega Halogen Heater 1200 Watt W-753 – NPR 2070

Electromax Heater

The price of various heaters ranges from Rs 9 to Rs 5,000, according to the company. The company claims to have a wide variety of heaters for sale. Customers may get mountain fan heaters and other types of heaters from the company.

  • ElectroMax 2 Rod Quartz Heater – NPR 799
  • ElectroMax Two Rod Heater White 800W With Portable Handle – NPR 999
  • Electromax Emx 910 Fan Heater – NPR 1200
  • Electromax Wall Heater/Air Cooler With Remote Control – NPR 5000
  • Electromax 3 Rod Electronic Heater(1200 Watt) – NPR 1890
  • ElectroMax 2 Rod Quartz Heater – NPR 770
  • Electromax 3 Rod Halogen Heater(1200 Watt) – NPR 1890
  • Electromax Fan Heater 2000 Watts Hot/ Cold – NPR 1099
  • Electromax 360 Degree Rotating Fan Heater EMX-911 2000W – NPR 1700
  • Electromax 3 Rod Electronic Halogen Heater -NPR 2800
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