Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Leak Hints at AirPods-Inspired Design and Transparent Charging Case

Anticipation is building for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 as a leaked retail listing offers a closer look at the design and charging case.

A Shift in Design Language:

The leak, discovered by user @TEQHNIKACROSS on South Korean e-commerce site Coupang, reveals a significant departure from Samsung’s previous wireless earbud designs. Unlike the bulbous, stemless design of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and FE, the Galaxy Buds 3 appear to adopt a sleek, in-ear design with stems, closely resembling Apple’s AirPods.

Detailed Design Elements:

The leaked images showcase the earbuds in a metallic silver finish with black tips, nestled upright within a black holder inside the charging case. The case itself has a translucent lid, possibly featuring a green indicator light for charging status. Additionally, the case appears to have a clip, potentially allowing users to attach it to bags or clothing for easy portability.

Confirmation of Rumors:

This leak corroborates earlier rumors suggesting a design shift for the Galaxy Buds 3. The adoption of a stem design and a transparent charging case aligns with previous speculation.

Expected Launch and Additional Products:

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Buds 3 alongside the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, foldable smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, the Galaxy Ring wearable, and the Galaxy Watch 7 series, including the Galaxy Watch Ultra, at its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event. While rumors suggest a July 10th launch date, Samsung has not officially confirmed this information.

Analyst Take:

The leaked design of the Galaxy Buds 3 marks a notable shift for Samsung’s wireless earbud lineup. The AirPods-inspired design and transparent charging case offer a fresh aesthetic. While the official launch date remains unconfirmed, the leak provides valuable insight into what to expect from Samsung’s next generation of earbuds. We eagerly await Samsung’s official announcement to confirm these details and gain a full picture of the Galaxy Buds 3’s features and capabilities.

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