Samsung Unveils Teasers of New Android 12-Based Interface

Samsung One UI 4

Samsung has unveiled two new videos to promote One UI 4, their upcoming user interface built on top of Android 12. Some countries have had access to the new interface beta for some time now. Bug fixes and new features are included in the most recent version from the company. According to current projections, the final version will be issued within the next few weeks.

The first teaser shows how the user interface has evolved since One UI 2 was released, including user feedback. We’ve now arrived to the first claim, which is that the One UI 4 is being created in response to user feedback. New widgets and dark mode for app icons, as well as enhanced personalization, all draw interest.

Other topics are discussed, but Samsung proudly announces that its One UI Book 4 will help laptops get some of the excitement they’ve been missing out on, thanks to the One UI. This is a laptop-specific version of One UI, as the name implies.

In the second video, Samsung goes into greater detail on the One UI 4 customizations, as well as numerous features for sharing photographs and documents quickly with laptops from the company’s line of products. With the use of the word “ecosystem,” Samsung wants to combine devices through the user interface.

In the end, we get our first look at the Galaxy Watch 4, which defies all logic as a promotion for One UI 4. Having said that, the watch is a component of this vital ecosystem, so that’s probably why it was included in the teaser.

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