iOS 18 Developer Beta 3 Elevates iPhone Experience with Dark Mode Icons and Enhanced Features

iOS 18 Developer Beta 3 Elevates iPhone Experience with Dark Mode Icons and Enhanced Features

Apple’s latest developer beta for iOS 18 has arrived, introducing a host of visual enhancements and functional improvements to the iPhone operating system. The most notable addition is the automatic dark mode icon theming for third-party apps, a feature initially showcased at WWDC 2024.

Dark Mode Icon Theming for a Cohesive Aesthetic:

Users who have updated to iOS 18 Developer Beta 3 (build number 22A5307F) will notice a significant visual change: most app icons with white backgrounds are now automatically inverted to black, creating a more cohesive aesthetic when dark mode is enabled. Apple has employed machine learning image separation technology to achieve this effect, even dynamically changing the color of some logos for optimal visibility.

Beyond Icons: Enhanced Features and User Interface:

iOS 18 Developer Beta 3 doesn’t stop at icon enhancements. It brings a unified interface for emoji, Memoji, and stickers, a more accessible Select option in the Photos app, expanded options for RCS texts in Messages, and a larger flashlight interface. Additionally, dynamic versions of Apple’s iOS 18 wallpapers and a tweaked Apple Maps icon further refine the visual experience.

Hints of Apple Intelligence:

While not immediately available, the latest beta also hints at upcoming AI features collectively known as Apple Intelligence. Code references to Genmoji, Image Playground, Image Wand, and Writing Tools suggest a suite of AI-powered tools designed to enhance creativity and productivity.


iOS 18 Developer Beta 3 marks a significant step forward in Apple’s ongoing effort to refine and enhance the iPhone user experience. With automatic dark mode icons, a streamlined interface, and hints of future AI capabilities, Apple continues to push the boundaries of mobile operating systems. As the official iOS 18 release approaches, users can anticipate a more polished, intuitive, and visually appealing iPhone experience.

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