Malaysia topped in Nepali labour destination

malaysia top hire

Malaysia topped in Nepali labour destination in Mangsir month (from mid-November to mid-December), hiring 7,646 blue-collar job aspirants, the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) data showed. The number is the highest since last January, when the country had decided not to hire foreign workers.

Gulf countries — Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — are in second, third and fourth place, hiring 5,218, 2,510 and 908 workers, respectively. Kuwait occupied fifth position, hiring 272 Nepali migrant workers. Libya, Oman and Bahrain hired 214, 87 and 49 Nepalis in the period between mid-November and mid-December.

The UAE and Lebanon are two countries that hired Nepali women. Lebanon topped the ladder, hiring 333 Nepali housemaids while the UAE hired 14 in organized sectors. DoFE has banned Nepali women from going abroad for housemaid jobs in Gulf countries. Last month 425 Nepali women left for overseas jobs.

In the individual sector, Qatar was in top position — hiring 3171 Nepali labourers in Mangsir. The UAE (with 2,012 Nepali workers), Kuwait (with 1,022 Nepali workers), Bahrain (with 306 Nepali workers) and Oman (with 155 Nepali workers) are listed from second to fifth position. A total of 7,171 Nepalis got overseas jobs through individual contact, which is significantly more than the previous month’s 4,636. Around 1,029 Nepali women got overseas jobs in Mangsir.

Although the number of Nepali migrant labours going abroad through individual contact increased in the month, the receiving countries slashed the number to almost half. Around 35 countries hired Nepali workers between mid-November and mid-December while the number was 77 last month.

Nepali jobseekers going abroad increased by 20.69 per cent in Mangsir. Some 24,605 — organizational 17,434 and individual 7,171 — Nepali labourers were hired in four dozen countries. Last month, itwas 19,515 including 14,877 organizational and 4,636 individual contacts.

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