Subisu introduces ClearTV packages


Subisu Cablenet (P) Ltd, a leading internet, network and television service provider, has introduced attractive packages in its Clear TV service at a reasonable price.

The company has brought three packages — basic, basic plus and premium — at price ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1,050 per month, as per a press release issued on Thursday.

Basic package includes 95-plus digital channels and four HD channels. In the basic plus package, customers can get all the available digital and HD channels of basic package and choose one from basic plus sub packages — basic plus movies, basic plus sports or basic plus entertainment and lifestyle.

In the premium package, customers can get all the available digital and HD channels.

Currently, Clear TV consists of 19-plus HD and 95-plus digital channels.

Subisu has also built a sub package named ‘Add-Ons’ and the package price starts from Rs 200 to Rs 300 per month.

The company has also introduced current offer to its valued customers.

This offer avails a customer six months of basic plus package subscription and one-time installation charge of Rs 6,499 and a Hybrid Set-Top Box for free.

Subisu ClearTV Pricing

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