Nepal Telecom launches 10 MB and 50 MB data packs


In line with the growing demand for small volume data packages, Nepal Telecom (NT) is introducing new packages in pre-paid and post-paid services for its GSM and CDMA customers.

The packages, which will come into effect from Sunday (November 8) includes eight rupees for 10MB and Rs 35 for 50MB in GSM pre- and post-paid package.

The time validity for the 10 MB package will be two days and for the 50MB will be 10 days, as per a press statement issued on Friday.

Similarly, CDMA pre- and post-paid customers will be able to buy 40MB data package for Rs 15, with validity of three days.

To subscribe for the service, GSM post-paid customers can type ‘DATA-space-volume’ and send the SMS to 1400.

For example, to subscribe for 10MB data, one has to type ‘DATA 10MB’ and send the text to the said number.

Similarly, GSM pre-paid and CDMA pre- and post-paid customers can subscribe for the package by typing data volume and send the text to 1415.

For example, type ‘DATA40MB’ and send to the given number to subscribe for 40MB data.

GSM post-paid users can check their data volume by typing ‘CB’ and sending the message to 1400, while GSM pre-paid and CDMA customers can check the volume by typing ‘VL’ and sending it to 1415.

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