Hulas Motors set to launch EV “Da Vinci” in Nepal


Hulas Motors, a subsidiary of Golchha Organisation, has started field testing of its new electric car model named “Da Vinci”.

The company is currently testing the prototypes in Kathmandu and hilly areas. It said the car will be priced at around Rs1.4 million, without divulging the launch date.

Hulas Motors Manager Prafulla Chandra Das said the cars are locally assembled, with parts imported from China.

The vehicle, which can accommodate five passengers, comes with features such as air conditioning, power lock, power steering, power windows and reverse camera, among others, according to the company.

Das said the company is holding talks with government authorities for support, seeking subsidy on customs and excise duties in particular. “If the government subsidies the taxes, the car will be even cheaper,” he said.

Hulas Motors has been manufacturing three- and four-wheelers since 1994. In 2015, it ended production of its famous “Mustang Max” jeep—which was used by former Prime Minister Babu Ram Bhattarai as his official vehicle—after it failed to meet pollution standards.

Das said the company had no option but to stop the production after the government refused to give it adequate time to upgrade the vehicle to Euro-3 standards. “The government authority refused to extend the deadline although were planning to upgrade to Euro-3,” he said.

The company also produced a light commercial vehicle named “Hulas Sherpa” until 2002.

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