ISPs free internet home users from 13 percent TSC


The government on Thursday decided to roll back its earlier decision to raise internet fees by 13 percent.

The decision to this effect was made during a meeting held between the internet service providers and officer bearers of Ministry of Industry and Communications on Thursday.

According to the agreement, the internet service providers will not charge additional 13 percent tax levied by the government from now on. Instead, they will pay the telecommunications service fee to the government from the amount they have been charging to the customers.

This agreement will be implemented for those customers who have been taking the service only for home service. The corporate customers, however, have to pay the 13 percent tax.

The internet providers had been charging 13 percent tax from the customers after the government decided to charge 13 percent tax from the internet providers.

The government on Friday had formed a committee comprising internet service providers, Nepal Telecom and officer bearers of the Ministry for price integration.

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