Orient Electric Appliances launched in Nepal


EOL Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of CG Electronics, has brought electric products of Orient to Nepal.

According to the company, one model of heat convector, five models of electric geyser, seven models of LED bulb, six models of LED panel light and 11 models of MCBs are available under Orient brand.

The Orient Electric Heat Convector HC2003D is designed to keep winter at bay, according to the company. This room heater is of 2000W and is priced at Rs 5,490 in the Nepali market.

Meanwhile, the electric geyser Aura Neo is available in the market at Rs 6,990 for 1 litre capacity and Rs 7,990 for 3 litres capacity.

Likewise, the water storage heater is priced at Rs 13,989 (10 litres), Rs 15,684 (15 litres) and Rs 16995 (25 litres.)

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