Xiaomi is calling Poco F1 users with screen and touch issues to return their models

Xiaomi Poco F1

Xiaomi has done a great job supporting the Pocophone F1 through firmware upgrades. It has constantly brought new updates and bug fixes to this cheaper flagship device. However, not everything is solved by software. In particular, we are talking about the screen and touch issues it has been facing recently after the latest upgrade. If you are having similar problems, please be informed that  Xiaomi is asking the users of the troublesome Poco F1 to send their smartphones for analysis and exchange.

Alvin Tse, head of Pocophone, made this revelation on Twitter. Thus, Xiaomi is looking for devices that suffer from problems related to screen blocking, ghosting and touch delays. If you are in this situation, then continue reading this news.

Before sending your smartphone to Xiaomi, know that this company is first requesting some information. It is therefore necessary to first send the user ID, contact information, videos and other details. As soon as Xiaomi determines that the smartphone fits the policy of testing and exchanges the collection will be arranged by the company.

This is undoubtedly an excellent initiative by Xiaomi. It is not something that is often seen at the level of manufacturers. Meanwhile, while the equipment is being analyzed and repaired, Xiaomi hands over another test device. Could be another Pocophone F1 or a top-of-the-range with the same features.

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