Samsung files trademarks for Galaxy A-Series 2020

Samsung Galaxy A-Series 2020

Samsung has just registered nine new trademarks at the European Union Intellectual Property Institute. Registered trademarks indicate that they are directetly meant for the successors of the Galaxy A family.

This year Samsung has decided to add a “0” to the model numbers or rather trade names of its mid-range smartphones – for example Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20 and so on. For 2020, the company will choose to add the “1”, denoting an increment . So we will have the Galaxy A11, Galaxy A21 and so on upto Galaxy A91.

The names of the all the devices that are filed for trademarks include, Samsung A11, Samsung A21, Samsung A31, Samsung A41, Samsung A51, Samsung A61, Samsung A71, Samsung A81 and Samsung A91. Moreover, the filings are classified as Class 9 that comes with the description, Smartphones; Mobile telephones; Tablet computers.

Earlier the models numbers of Samsung Galaxy smartphones came appended with the year of release so it was easier to figure out what year the device was launched e.g., Galaxy J7 2018.

Companies like Nokia has also opted for the numbering system for their model numbers with model names such as Nokia 6 representing the first release and its reiteration in the form of Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 6.2 .

As with patents, this trademark registration does not oblige Samsung to use these names. What this document reveals is that South Korea has taken the necessary legal measures so that no other may use these designations.

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