ASRock Z690 Motherboard Pricing Leaked for Eight Models

AsRock Z690 Taichi

Several new ASRock Z690 models got their prices announced today on Amazon UK. From the Z690 Taichi to the entry-level Phantom Gaming 4, there are a wide range of motherboards to choose from.

At £172.50 (about $238), the Z690M Phantom Gaming 4 DDR4 mATX board is the most cheapest. The full-sized Z690 Phantom Gaming 4 costs £213.50 (US$296), while the DDR5 variant costs £207.15 (US$285).

The Z690 Phantom Gaming Riptide DDR4 RAM costs £240.62 (US$335). Only a small number of ASRock AMD motherboards have been branded with the Riptide moniker. The least costly of the three is the Z690 Steel Legend DDR4, which costs £280.72 (US$389), while the most expensive is the Z690 Extreme (DDR5), which costs £306.20 (US$425).

From £457.59 ($633), the Z690 Phantom Gaming Velocita DDR5 starts. Despite not being ASRock’s flagship model, the Z690 Taichi DDR5 costs £627.57 (US$869). According to previous history, the only Z690 Taichi version that should be more expensive than the Taichi is the Aqua, which should be much more expensive than the Taichi on the basis of price. Videocardz, a website that sells digital greeting cards, posted the images online.

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