CEDB Hydropower IPO results out today – How To Check the results online ?

CEDB Hydropower Nepal IPO

The IPO recently issued by the CEDB Hydropower has been distributed today at the Sunrise Capital office in Kamalpokhari at 11 am.

A total of 234,195 people have been lucky to obtain the shares of the company through lucky draw.

According to Sunrise Capital — 2,341,954 shares have been distributed to the applicants at the rate of 10 lots each.

The company had issued 2.341 million 954 shares which attracted a large number of applicants from the general public. The company received 10.52 times more applications .

Out of the total applications received for the 2,46,57,035 shares , only 1,685,627 applicants have been marked as eligible. However, the applications submitted by 48,322 people for 1,637,659 shares have been rejected, according to Capital.

Similarly, 125,911 shares have been distributed to the mutual fund and 50,365 shares to the employees, according to Capital. The company had issued a total of 2,518,230 shares to the general public and others.

How to check the IPO result ?

The IPO results can be viewed from CDSC website(https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np/), Sunrise Capital’s website(https://www.sunrisecapital.com.np/ipo) and using MeroShare app .


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