Polestar 5 Prototype Achieves Impressive 10-Minute Fast Charging

Polestar 5 electric sedan

In a significant development for the electric vehicle industry, Polestar has conducted an extensive fast charging test on a prototype of its upcoming Polestar 5 sedan. The results are nothing short of remarkable.

The test car, equipped with a specially commissioned 77.0-kWh battery pack, was able to charge from 10% to 80% in just 10 minutes.

According to the manufacturer, the charging speeds rose from an initial 310 kW at the start of the test to over 370 kW by the time the battery reached 80% capacity.

“This is proof that we can now charge at these speeds in a standard car,” said Jens Groot, Polestar’s battery systems chief engineer. “We didn’t add anything new outside the battery pack. It still had the original cooling pump and fan.”

Polestar 5

The Polestar 5, expected to arrive as a 2027 model, is poised to push the boundaries of electric vehicle charging capabilities. Polestar has stated that the 77.0-kWh battery can be increased to at least 100.0 kWh, further enhancing the car’s range and performance.

This impressive fast charging demonstration underscores the rapid advancements being made in the electric vehicle landscape. As automakers continue to introduce new technologies and innovations, the driving experience and convenience for EV owners are set to reach new heights.

Polestar 5
Polestar 5

The Polestar 5’s ability to charge from 10% to 80% in just 10 minutes is a testament to the company’s engineering prowess and its commitment to delivering cutting-edge electric vehicles.

This achievement is sure to generate excitement among EV enthusiasts and further drive the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions.

Polestar 5 is expected to arrive as a 2027 model, but there are no details on the anticipated pricing for this upcoming electric sedan from Polestar.

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